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We know we live in a day and age where “nothing’s free” and everything has a catch, right? Well, there’s no catch here. We want you to experience our 21 day challenge so you can burn fat and build muscle and get yourself on the path to being the man you are meant to be.

Our hope is you’ll love what NSP Nutrition is all about and maybe order some of our other products as you learn more about us and our famous founder Vince Gironda.
As a company we owe Vince everything, so we’ve made a promise to keep his name and amazing supplement products alive. That’s why we do what we do. And that’s why this is free. We want you to eventually become a customer for life and what better way to experience our company than with a free 21 day challenge?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Vince Gironda?
Vince "Iron Guru" Gironda was an American professional bodybuilder, personal trainer, author, co-founder of the supplement company NSP Nutrition, and owner of the celebrity-frequented Vince's Gym. Champion Bodybuilders, Pro Athletes, and Hollywood Stars all consider Vince Gironda an icon of the "Golden Era" of Bodybuilders. A man so innovative and revolutionary in what is now considered body-sculpting science. 
What is the Burn Fat / Build Muscle 21 Day Challenge?
Our team of Certified Personal Iron Coaches will be leading the group together. In this challenge, you will be given the tools needed to walk you through the 21 Day Challenge. Each week is broken down into a phase with a specific goal in mind. The missions are to detox, protein load, and finally to Spartan Lean. 

Each phase has 2 specific parts to follow. Our proven dietary strategies and or fitness circuits. You will receive PDFs and video walkthroughs on how to accomplish each phase successfully.
Do I need a gym or any equipment for the Burn Fat / Build Muscle 21 Day Challenge workouts?
Yes, to get the best results we recommend barbells, dumbbells, bands or a gym membership at the very minimum.
What if I have past injuries or joint issues, are there modifications to the exercises?
We have modifications for each exercise within the program. You can use lighter weight, dumbbells, or even workout bands when possible. We do not want you injuring yourself while working out so always consult a physician before starting any exercise routine. 

Our goal is that as you lose the weight and detox your body in phase 1 the inflammation will decrease and your body will start to repair itself.
Do I need to purchase supplements for the Burn Fat / Build Muscle 21 Day Challenge?
Supplements are not required for the 21 Day Challenge but adding them in will have the potential to increase the results that you can have.
Is there any long term commitment or contracts?
There are no hidden fees or contracts. The challenge is 100% FREE for the entire program.

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